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Valor difference

Independent owned

Valor was established over decade ago and is independently owned. We don't have any allegiances to banks or large companies.  To find out more about who, see our 'About us' page.

Our returns are linked to your returns
Safety First

Our investment strategy has been tried and tested by the most wealthy in the world and has stood the test of time.  It is focused on reducing risk before a dollar is invested not by spreading your money thinly over lots of assets and going for the average return. 

Learn and Grow

Our ongoing fees are linked to your assets. We believe that is the fairest system as our returns travel the same path as yours. 

Knowing the world of finance and how to work it to achieve your goals is a full time job, our job. We work with you to grow your understanding and wealth so you can get on with life.


See clearly what is going on with your money. We provide complete transparency so you know where and what every single dollar is doing. 

We welcome questions and want your understanding to grow.

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Client testimonial

"Valor Private Wealth have created significant and sustained growth over many years and more importantly protection during volatile and turbulent times. We couldn't ask for our future prosperity and wealth creation to be in safer hands. The team at VPW are always available to support our every need with advise and guidance."

James Darling, Qantas Pilot

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