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Where are you going & why?

What is important?
Goals need plans
Implementation is key

What is important to you and why? 

We  help you achieve your financial goals so that you can live the life you want. 

You achieving what is important to you is what makes what we do valuable.

We all have goals but what makes the difference in achieving them is the plan.

What is your plan? 

Do you know if your plan is likely to work?

Use the WealthMap tool to map out your plan for free. 

Steps are the those daily things that form the plan and achieve the goals. They are the decisions that need to be made at the right time: to wait or move.

Do you know what steps you need to take?

Are you on track to get there?

List your goals

Using our free WealthMap tool will help you to list what is important to you.

You can map out the goals and add notes on why it is important to you.

Unless you let us, we can not see what you enter into the WealthMap. It is private.

Set the plan

The WealthMap tool will also let you see your current plan. To see how you are tracking each year towards your goal and if you current plan is likely to work. A bit like a flight path but as a graph.

Take action

The discovery portion of the WealthMap tool will let you list some steps.

If you need more indepth steps, contact us and we can help you through it.

Our first 20 minute phone meeting could be all you need and it is free. 

Or alternatively, have us help you from the start and save yourself time.

The WealthMap will help you to list what is important to you and to map out your plan with the numbers to show if you are likely to achieve your goals. Its confidential and free.  An email is required so you can log back in and modify your data.

Client testimonial

"Valor Private Wealth have created significant and sustained growth over many years and more importantly protection during volatile and turbulent times. We couldn't ask for our future prosperity and wealth creation to be in safer hands. The team at VPW are always available to support our every need with advise and guidance."

James Darling, Qantas Pilot

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