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How do we do what we do?


Direct Global

At only 2% of the worlds markets, Australia has very few of the world's best companies.

Because of this, Valor directly invests in the world's best companies. This is rare.

Our clients love the transparency.

Valor Asset Management provides the portfolios. 


Multiple Projections

A picture speaks a thousand words.


Valor builds multiple projections of your financial future to allow you to make the best decisions of how to allocate your assets and income.

Few know how to make important financial decisions well. We help you make the right choices to design your best life.


Tailored Estate Plans

Valor has wholesale access to one of the most comprehensive estate planning systems in Australia. 

We provide tailored estate plans including complex wills with lineal descendant testamentary trusts. Enduring powers of attorney, enduring guardian, SMSF wills (binding nominations) and more.

Cash-flow advice



Superannuation is generally the most tax effective structure for most Australians.

We provide plans to maximise your superannuation.

We prefer SMSF's as they are the most flexible retirement tool available.


Spending less than you earn is the cornerstone of wealth management. Few do this well. 

The key to cash-flow management is good habits.


We help you build good habits to ensure that you remain on the front foot of your household income statement.


We structure a balance of life, total and permanent disability, trauma and income protection insurances.


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