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5 Steps to protecting your income

Below are the 5 quick steps involved in protecting your income from illness and injury.

1. Meet with a Valor adviser to discuss needs

We discuss your living needs, family goals, occupation and at a high level any medical conditions. In this meeting, we can provide you a quote range so that you can gain an idea of the premiums. You can meet in person in our office or remotely via online meetings.

2. Insurance strategy and quotes - advice

3. Application

4. Medical background

5. Underwriting

Once you have your cover, the insurance company can not change terms that leave you worse off. Insurance can become a valuable asset providing relief from worries about how you would cope if you became ill or injured.

Take step 1 now and book a meeting with us to discuss your protection needs. If you book by February 15, 2023 you could save 15%^ on your first year's premium.

Call us on 02 8013 5205 or via our Contact Us form


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