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Ausbiz The Call: 10 stocks, 2 experts

Our investment manager, Rob Shears, was on Ausbiz TV today, where Rob and another expert provide their views on 10 stocks selected by audience members. Rob applies our investment philosophy to the stocks and grades them according to whether they meet our various selection criteria.

Check it out here

The stocks discussed with the relevant timeslots are as follows:

1:30 Metcash

6:08 Computershare

12:18 Elmo

16:00 BrainChip

20:20 MacArthur Minerals

26:01 AMP

32:30 Jade Gas Holding

38:18 CogState

43:10 Universal Store

47:00 Eroad Ltd

50:00 Intellihr

Let us know what you think. If you would like a deeper dive into any of the stocks please contact us via the website contact us page.


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