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Estate Planning

Save $'000 now and in the future

We can help you to:

  • Build a lasting legacy for your family and keep your family together by reducing the risk of relationship breakdown from fighting over money.

  • Minimise stress when you can not transact for yourself and limit government involvement in your affairs.

  • Avoid extensive legal costs from falling into legal pitfalls.

  • Save tax for many years.


We do this via our estate planning package which includes specialist documents to protect your wealth, prevent fighting, save on tax and avoid legal fees from estate challenges.​

This package will help you to protect you and your loved ones from people who would take your money from them.  

Relationships, romantic and family, often change which can result in what you planned not being what you want. We help you to plan so that changes are easily accomodated.

If you have loved ones that need/deserve more than others, we can help you provide for them whilst protecting your estate from challenges which can cause the estate to pay $'000 in legal fees.

If you have a company and/or SMSF, we can help you appoint the person you want to step in when you need them to. This can help you protect what you have built from being run by people you would prefer didn't.

Our process and partners


By partnering with specialist estate planning legal firm who work with our highly trained financial advisers we have been able to fine tune the process and offer our comprehensive estate planning package at a lower cost. Normally this service can cost up to $6000 however, you can get started with your comprehensive estate plan for the reduced price of $2,500 plus $225 per person EPOA signing fee with Abbott and Mourly. That is a 50% discount.

The Valor Comprehensive Estate Planning Package includes:

  • Will, including lineal descent (bloodline) testamentary trust(s)

  • Enduring Powers of Attorneys

  • Company Director Enduring Power of Attorney (if you have a company for business or superannuation trustee)

  • Enduring Powers of Guardianships

  • Binding Death Benefit nominations or SMSF Will

  • Insurance death nominations

  • Digital assets register

  • Storage of the documents

  • Certified Copies of documents for your use

Our process involves 2 meetings with our specialist Estate Planning financial adviser Leo Ribeiro and 1 short meeting with a partner lawyer to sign off the documents. The meetings are available in person or via video conferencing at a time convenient to you. 

Even if you don't know who is going to be your attorney or guardian or how much you want to leave to different family members, that is ok. We have tools to help you solve the who, what, how and when. 


Need more information

We understand. We have put together a comprehensive video course that will help you work out your who, what, when, where and how of your estate plan. At the end of the 1 hour, you will have your 2 page estate plan ready to meet with us or your solicitor. The course has 10 minute videos and you can skip ahead or only watch the units of interest to you. If you wish to enrol in the course, click here

Now is a good time to get organised

Covid has reminded us that we don't know what could happen tomorrow so give us a call on 02 8013 5205 or message us below and take your first step in being prepared.

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