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Why do we do what we do?

"To put our clients in a position that they otherwise couldn't achieve"

Valor is derived from latin roots meaning, "the courage to do the right thing."

Sometimes the right thing to do is not the easy thing to do. 

We think the right way to invest is to only buy quality with built in protection. We don't use averaging to 'smooth' out returns. We invest the same way that Warren Buffett and other great investors invest and focus on protection via prevention.

This takes courage in our industry because the accepted strategy is to reduce risk by going for the average return through diversification. We aim to outperform the cash rate plus a risk margin, not ups and downs of the market. Our focus is on your return, not the market return. We work for you and your goals.

Our focus on absolute returns keeps us from getting caught up in group think. We aren't focused on what others are doing and being subject to FOMO. All investments must pass our absolute risk return test and are thoroughly researched before client money is invested. Many investments are only made after researching that business for years. 

Investing is how we grow your capital, but we also help you with strategies to convert your income to capital and make the most of what you have. We help you tax effectively accumulate, grow and pass on your wealth. 

Our client Paul Carpenter, a Qantas Pilot expressed it this way:

"I was Valor's first client. The strategies Rob put in place for my superannuation in 2006 and his very strong performance for my Self Managed Super Fund portfolio has set me up for a very comfortable retirement."

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